17 Online Skincare Writers Who Really Know What They’re Talking About

If you’re working on improving your skin, odds are you’ve clicked through countless websites looking for advice from skincare writers you can really trust. The beautiful thing about the internet is that we have access to all this information right at our fingertips, but the downside is that anyone is allowed to publish anything—even if it isn’t true. We wanted to take the time to recognize some of the unsung skincare heroes in the online community, the writers who know their stuff and link to reputable sources so that you know you can trust them. These 17 skincare bloggers are doctors, aestheticians, scientists, and often acne-sufferers themselves, and they are making scientifically-sound skincare available to all. If you’re looking for trustworthy skincare resources, look no further than this list of the best skincare blogs.

Perry Romanowski and Valerie George of The Beauty Brains

Award PerryValerie

Perry Romanowski and Valerie George are both cosmetic scientists who run a very successful beauty blog/podcast called The Beauty Brains, and we love it. It’s an amazing resource for anyone looking for scientific information about the beauty world delivered in an entertaining, easy-to-understand format.


Both Romanowski and George have degrees in cosmetic science and they are both incredibly qualified to talk about all kinds of beauty topics. Their degrees mean that they understand the science behind your skincare, which is really the key to developing the best possible skincare routine. Best of all, they take this complicated information and make it easy to understand even if you don’t have a cosmetic science degree. Plus, they often link to the scientific studies where they got their information, so you can double-check it yourself if you like.

About the Blog


One of the best parts of The Beauty Brains is the fact that they answer real questions from real listeners. So if you scroll through the blog and can’t find the answer to your question, you can simply email them or post a question on The Beauty Brains forum, and odds are good that they will feature your question in an upcoming blog post or episode of the podcast. Some of our favorite posts/episodes include “How Often Should I Exfoliate My Face?” and “What Are Peptides in Cosmetics?”

Award LisaMarcia

Beauty Info Zone was launched in 2010 by friends, Lisa and Marcia, and it has been going strong ever since. This blog is all beauty all the time, with posts covering everything from all-natural deodorant to something called Mammoth Wipes (giant baby wipes the size of towels for cleaning your whole body). If you want to know everything there is to know about skincare, especially new and bizarre products, Beauty Info Zone is the best skincare blog for you.


Like many of our featured skincare writers, Lisa and Marcia are both professional makeup artists and gained much of their skincare know-how from their experience with the beauty industry and makeup. They also have personal experience with skin issues like aging and acne, and that personal experience makes us more likely to trust their opinions on what really works. What we love most about Beauty Info Zone is that any time they review a product, they also include the full ingredient list. This is so important for skincare because the ingredient list really reveals how effective a product is going to be.

About the Blog


If you already know a lot about skincare and now you’re all about building the best possible skincare routine, then Beauty Info Zone is the ideal place for you. Much of their content is product reviews that investigate how various skincare products work and whether they’re worth the money. Plus, if you like getting free stuff, Beauty Info Zone does a weekly Sunday Scoop Giveaway post where they provide links to all kinds of beauty giveaways around the internet.

Nicki Zevola Benvenuti of FutureDerm

Award NickiZevola

Nicki Zevola Benvenuti is a dermatologist blogger and the founder of FutureDerm, a website she started in 2007 while getting her degree in dermatology in order to share all the great information she was learning in school. She is now a full-fledged dermatologist and has transformed FutureDerm into its own very successful beauty company.


As a dermatologist, Benvenuti is about as qualified as you can get as a skincare blogger. But she doesn’t rest on her professional credentials. Many of her blog posts include links to scientific articles as well to aid you in your own research. If you’re looking for a scientifically-sound blog with the professional degree and references to back up its claims, FutureDerm is definitely the place to be.

About the Blog


The FutureDerm blog is an amazing resource for literally anyone. Just getting started in the world of skincare and need to know the basics? Benvenuti has you covered. Skincare pro mostly looking for good product recommendations? Yep, Benvenuti has that too. As a dermatologist blogger, Benvenuti writes about everything skincare related, from the best skincare tips and products for Asian skin (like hers!) to a beginner’s guide to chemical exfoliants. Plus, if you like a personal touch, she also has a series called “Follow Friday” where she updates readers on aspects of her personal life, like transitioning from the medical world to being a CEO, or the struggles of being a mom. All around, FutureDerm is one of the best skincare blogs out there, and Benvenuti is one of the best skincare writers.

Award GeriBrin

Geri Brin started Fab Over Fifty in 2010 as a site for living your best life in your 50s and beyond. The site covers all kinds of topics, from sex to plastic surgery, but we’re obviously featuring it because of its amazing skincare resources.


Brin is a trained journalist and frequently features experts of all kinds on Fab Over Fifty. Instead of relying on her own knowledge, she seeks out others who know even more and can provide trustworthy information. She links to their professional pages and outlines what makes them qualified to speak on their particular topic and many articles are comprised largely of direct quotes from the experts. This is the absolute best way to make sure your site is reliable when you personally don’t have the professional qualifications to earn credibility: feature the people who know what they’re talking about.

About the Blog


Variety is integral to the world of skincare because skin is so unique, so we were thrilled to find a blog dedicated to the perks, problems, and interests of mature women. Many beauty and skincare blogs are written by white, 20-something women, and any time we find a credible blog written by someone outside of that very specific niche, we celebrate the spread of information. Brin has published many articles that come in very handy when dealing with mature skin, like “8 Skin Conditions That Pop Up After You Turn 45,” “The Layer That Protects You Most,” and a series of posts called “Melanoma Monday” with information about skin cancer.

Award DrBailey

Dr. Cynthia Bailey has been a dermatologist for over 30 years, and she’s been running her Skin Health and Wellness blog since 2009. Her blog covers a wide array of skincare topics, from acne to aging, skin cancer to psoriasis, and diet to dry skin. She also evaluates all kinds of skincare treatments, both lab-made and all-natural. If you’re looking for more information on a specific aspect of skincare, odds are Dr. Bailey has written about it.


First and foremost, we want to make sure every skincare writer we recommend in this list is an authoritative source of information. Dr. Bailey is a dermatologist, which makes her pretty trustworthy in our book, but she is also a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Board of Dermatology, the California Medical Association, and the Sonoma County Medical Association. These memberships ensure that members are using best practices in their profession, and they help keep members up-to-date on the latest research.

Dr. Bailey’s knowledge of the skincare world is further supported by the links she includes in her articles. Many of her posts contain links to other authoritative sites and scientific studies so you don’t have to just take her word for it when she makes a claim about skincare. This is a great way to determine the trustworthiness of a source; linking to other good sources shows that their assertions aren’t just their opinions, but are based in research and fact.

About the Blog

DrCynthia Blog1

Dr. Bailey’s blog is made up of short, simple articles that often answer popular skincare questions, like whether you’re supposed to put sunscreen on before or after makeup. If you’re relatively new to the world of skincare or don’t have a ton of time to devote to learning about your skin, Dr. Bailey’s skincare blog is one of the best places to start. She provides reliable information in very simple language and she doesn’t dig too deep into the science of it all. If you’re looking for a more in-depth exploration of the science behind skincare, some other blogs on this list might be a better fit, but if you have some burning skincare questions and you just want an answer from a reliable source, Dr. Bailey’s blog is perfect. Some of our favorite articles include: “Can You Be Allergic to Your Home Cleaners?” “Best Makeup Tips for Acne-Prone Skin,” and the awesome infographic “Sun Protection Sun Up to Sun Down.”

Award Renee

Renée Rouleau is a licensed aesthetician who runs a fantastic blog answering all kinds of skincare questions, from how acne really forms to what kind of updates you need to make to your skincare routine in the summer. Rouleau has been running Renée Rouleau Skincare since 2011, and over the years she has created quite the archive of useful skincare information.


An aesthetician is a professional who went to school to earn a degree specializing in skincare, but isn’t a full doctor like a dermatologist. We recommend being a little bit more cautious when it comes to trusting aestheticians, but they can be an excellent source of information and wisdom if you find the right one. We trust Rouleau because her articles often include links to scientific studies and other reputable sources. This means she does her research and when she answers a skincare question, she isn’t just providing her opinion on what works best, she is providing you with cold hard facts. Plus, she frequently goes back and updates her posts, so you can be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information.

About the Blog


If you’re just getting started in the world of skincare but you’re ready to jump in with both feet, Rouleau’s blog is the perfect place for you. Her blog is an ideal blend of lightweight information and heavy-duty research. A great example of this is her article “‘Clean Beauty’ and the Safety of Skincare—Here’s What I Think.” It’s a comprehensive but easy-to-understand exploration of the clean beauty trend and what you really need to know when it comes to safety and skincare.
We highly recommend checking out her entire blog, but if you’re looking for specific tips on how to improve your skincare routine, we especially recommend going to the “Learn” tab and clicking on “Ingredients.”

Award AliciaYoon

Alicia Yoon is also an aesthetician, but unlike Rouleau, her specialty is Korean beauty. Her website and beauty company, Peach and Lily, has provided access to some of the best K-beauty products out there since 2012, and her blog, Pibuu (which means “skin” in Korean!) offers some great insights on how to build a proper Korean beauty skincare routine. Not into K-beauty? Never fear, Pibuu provides a wide variety of content fitting for all kinds of skincare routines.


As we mentioned before, we typically exercise moderate caution when it comes to aestheticians because they don’t have quite the same level of training as dermatologists, but it’s clear after spending just a few minutes on Yoon’s site that she’s a skincare writer who really knows what she’s talking about. Sadly, she doesn’t often link to outside sources, but the information she provides checks out with our research. Also, in her About page on Peach and Lily, she reveals that she had eczema growing up, meaning she has a very personal connection to finding the best skincare out there.

About the Blog


Pibuu is the ideal place for people looking for everything in one place. Want to peruse a lifestyle blog and maybe get some good book recommendations? Pibuu’s got your back. Want to read honest accounts of other people’s experiences with acne and other skin conditions? Pibuu’s “Skin Acceptance” series does exactly that. Looking for an explanation of every skincare ingredient under the sun? Pibuu offers an in-depth ingredient glossary that can help you out. But our favorite page is the “Skin Type Guide”, which not only offers key insights into a variety of skin types, it also links to other articles specific to each skin type to give you all the information you could possibly need.

Award ElizabethDehn

Elizabeth Dehn, or “Bets,” runs the beauty blog Beauty Bets which explores beauty from the inside out. Far from simply writing about lipstick or facial cleansers, Beauty Bets also explores general wellness, spirituality, and other holistic topics that relate to beauty. She started the blog back in 2009, and over the years it has become an excellent resource for those looking to improve their skincare.


Unlike Dr. Bailey, Rouleau, and Yoon, Dehn has no formal beauty or skincare training. She describes herself as a “lifestyle editor” and “storyteller at heart,” and her blog reflects this more personal take on beauty and skincare. Her articles don’t typically link to scientific sources, but based on our research, her blog posts are nonetheless very accurate.

About the Blog


If you’re looking to improve your overall wellness in addition to improving your skin, Beauty Bets is the ideal blog for you. There are countless skincare articles, including reviews for specific products and simple tutorials, like how to re-apply sunscreen without messing up your makeup, but Dehn also writes about how to get over your fear of failure and documents herself trying crazy new procedures, like jaw reduction.

If you don’t have the time to read through Beauty Bets, or if blogs just aren’t really your thing, never fear, Dehn also hosts a podcast called “Healers” where she talks with people who go about healing in unconventional ways. When it comes to holistically combining skincare, wellness, and beauty, Beauty Bets is the best blog on the internet.

Award PatriciaBright

If you like blogs, but you’re really more into YouTube, then we highly recommend checking out Patricia Bright. Bright publishes beauty, style, and wellness posts on her self-titled blog, but she updates her YouTube channel far more regularly. Her videos often demonstrate different aspects of her personal skincare routine or review popular skincare products, typically with dark skin in mind since Bright herself is Black. We’re excited to promote such a talented beauty and skincare blogger of color, because the beauty industry so often excludes those with dark skin.


Bright is not an aesthetician or dermatologist and she doesn’t link to research articles in her blog posts, but that’s okay, because why link to other people’s research when she’s busy doing her own? Her videos are hands-on evidence of how a product really works, and that is incredibly valuable information, especially for people of color, who are often left out of skincare research, making it rather uninformative anyway. If you’re not sure whether something Bright says sounds right or not, we recommend doing a little research of your own just to make sure, but in general we found her very trustworthy.

About the Blog


Bright started the Patricia Bright blog in 2013, but she’s been making videos on YouTube since 2010, and she still releases a new video nearly every week. If you’re looking for informal skincare advice from someone who is willing to test products on screen and give her honest opinion, then Bright’s blog and YouTube channel are your best option. Bright is entertaining and honest, and her blog posts and videos provide genuinely helpful information while also making you laugh. We particularly like her video “7 Skincare Secrets & Hacks You’ve Never Heard” because she tries some pretty normal things, but also some very strange ones that are just fun to watch. Skincare can be stressful when you have acne or other skin conditions, but Bright is all about making skincare fun, so relax, watch a few videos, and learn to enjoy the world of skincare.

Award Ruth

Ruth Crilly, former international model and current content writer, created her blog, A Model Recommends, back in 2010, and publishes all kinds of content on her site. As the title of the blog suggests, she frequently uses her modeling knowledge of the beauty industry to recommend certain products and procedures, but she also frequently writes about her family, her home, and her life in general.


Crilly’s past experience with modeling gives her a unique view of the skincare industry. Instead of being the one administering various skincare products or procedures, she was the one receiving them. Despite having no formal training of her own in aesthetics or dermatology, Crilly’s immersion in the world of beauty and skincare makes her uniquely qualified in some ways to talk about the reality of the industries. Because A Model Recommends is more of a lifestyle blog, Crilly does not often include links to scientific studies, but the information she provides is typically very reliable nonetheless.

About the Blog


A Model Recommends is the perfect blog for anyone looking for a lighthearted introduction to proper skincare. Many of Crilly’s skincare posts recommend (or don’t recommend) specific products, and her posts are often comprised of both writing and a video so you can get your skincare advice in multiple formats. We particularly enjoyed her post “Do You Really Need an Eye Cream? The Car Wash Analogy” about the importance of eye cream, and her post/video combo “Smoking, Surgery, and My Skin at 38.” If you’re debating buying a skincare product, odds are Crilly has reviewed it, and if you’re looking for general beauty lifestyle advice, Crilly definitely has you covered there as well.

Award AmberClark

Amber Clark started her blog, Barefoot Blonde, in 2010 to post about style and hair, but the blog has evolved over the years and now it includes posts about fashion, travel, motherhood, and of course, skincare.


Clark is one of our top recommendations for skincare writers because her posts are detailed, informative, and accurate, despite the fact that she isn’t an aesthetician or dermatologist. Although it’s nice to see those titles next to a writer’s name to ensure credibility, another way to establish credibility is by consistently publishing accurate content, and that’s what Clark has done. Barefoot Blond has been around for many years now, and even though she doesn’t link to scientific articles, Clark clearly does her research because her articles are always spot on.

Still not convinced you can trust Barefoot Blonde? No worries, just stick to the articles guest-written by Rachel Valverde, a licensed aesthetician of over 13 years who frequently works with Clark on the blog.

About the Blog


If you’re looking for skincare articles that really break everything down step by step, then you need look no further than Barefoot Blonde. Her site is aesthetically pleasing and offers a variety of life advice in addition to skincare advice, but the main reason we recommend Clark so highly as one of the top skincare writers today is because of how detailed her skincare posts are. For instance, her post on microneedling, “Everything You Need to Know About Microneedling,” is set up as a Q&A that really does tell you everything you need to know about microneedling, like how long the redness lasts and what the procedure is designed to treat. We also really appreciate posts where Clark’s skincare knowledge overlaps with her other interests and life experiences, like her blog post “How I Got Rid of My Melasma.” Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation that commonly appears during or after pregnancy, and Clark uses her personal experience as a mom to write about this common but rarely talked about condition.

Award Caroline

If all of these skincare bloggers seem a bit young to you and you’re looking for someone with more mature skin and the issues that come along with that, then you definitely want to check out Caroline Hirons. She started her self-titled blog in 2010 and started a skincare YouTube channel a few years later, in 2013.


Hirons is a licensed aesthetician with global experience in the UK, France, and the USA, and her experience really shows. Her articles break down complicated skincare concepts into comprehensive posts that are simple to understand. She doesn’t link to outside studies, but it’s easy to tell that she is clearly an expert on the subject. Like many skincare writers, she partners with various brands on her blog, but all affiliate, sponsored, and advertisement content is always very clearly marked, which we appreciate.

About the Blog


There is seriously so much to love about the Caroline Hirons blog, we don’t even know where to start. First, she offers an abundance of articles called “Cheat Sheets” that break down complicated skincare topics into a detailed but simplistic “cheat sheet.” Our favorites include her guides to acids, festival skincare, and the difference between clinical and consumer trials. As if that weren’t enough, Hirons also offers a series called “Beauty Myths” that’s all about calling out misinformation in the beauty industry. If you prefer books over blogs (you just can’t get that new book smell from a website, can you?) then never fear, Hirons has a book, skinCARE, coming out in April 2020.

Award HudaKattan

Huda Kattan started her blog, Huda Beauty, back in 2010, and since then it has become a haven for all things beautiful, including makeup, empowerment, DIY recipes, and more. We recommend her as one of the top skincare writers right now because she offers some key insights on everything from treating acne scars to creating an effective skincare routine on a budget.


Kattan is a professional makeup artist, which has given her incredibly helpful insights into what makes for the best skincare. Even though she isn’t a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist, Kattan’s makeup experience is invaluable, especially for people who may be wondering how to cover up acne blemishes. We are especially impressed by Kattan’s professional infographics in many of her articles that provide crucial information in an easily understood visual format.

About the Blog


Huda Beauty is the ideal blog for anyone who has a basic understanding of skincare but wants to know more. For instance, her article “The Ultimate Skin Routine to Treat and Calm Acne” provides some basic information on what acne is and what causes it, but then it delves deeper into products and routines that help treat and prevent acne. Plus, because Kattan focuses on all aspects of beauty, from the physical to the psychological, Huda Beauty is a great site for those who want a more holistic approach to skincare. Overall, the site is fun and comprehensive, and it relays skincare tips you can really trust.

Award Nikkie

Nikkie de Jager is another skincare writer who also runs an incredibly successful YouTube channel, and her specialty, as you may have already guessed, is tutorials. Many of the other skincare writers on this list write in many formats about many topics, but de Jager focuses primarily on giving readers and viewers tutorials for how to use various products.


de Jager is a professional hair and makeup artist, and while that doesn’t necessarily give her the same know-how as an aesthetician or a dermatologist, it does come in very handy when it comes to covering up breakouts, dry, flaky skin, and other skin conditions. She’s been making videos since 2008, and in that time she has established herself as an authority in the beauty world.

About the Blog


Nikkie Tutorials is the perfect blog for anyone looking for detailed instructions on how to improve their makeup, but it’s also perfect for people who genuinely enjoy YouTube. Nearly all of her posts are accompanied by a video, and it’s no wonder she’s gotten so popular on YouTube. de Jager speaks openly and honestly about the products she’s using, but also about her own life, and it makes the viewer feel very included. If you’re looking for a clinical, hyper-professional blog, Nikkie Tutorials may not be the best option for you, but if you’re looking for someone relatable to demonstrate how to use some of the most popular makeup and skincare products out there, then we can’t recommend Nikkie Tutorials enough.

Award MegBiram

Meg Biram’s self-titled website is the perfect one-stop destination for anyone looking for the best tips on skincare, style, travel, wellness, and more, all in one place. Plus, because Biram is an artist, her website frequently features beautiful displays of artistry as well. The Meg Biram website has been live since 2007, and Biram has made quite an impact in that time.


Biram is a journalist by trade and an artist by heart, so what makes her a qualified skincare writer? Well, the truth is, Biram writes about so much more than just skincare, and she doesn’t have any of the professional qualifications found in some of the other writers featured on this page, but she does have one thing many of these other bloggers don’t: links to outside sources. One way to be credible in a given topic is to have your own professional training, but another perfectly valid way to establish credibility is to reference others with professional training when you lack it yourself. You can trust Biram because she shows you exactly where she got her information.

About the Blog


If you’re all about the aesthetic, the Meg Biram website is perfect for you. Biram holds professional photo shoots for her site, meaning it always looks amazing. It has incredible content as well, in a wide variety of topics. If you want a blog that’s dedicated solely to skincare, Meg Biram may not be the ideal site for you, but if you want to learn more about art while also getting information on microneedling, look no further. Our favorite post so far? Biram’s post featuring several experts in the realm of skincare, “Beauty Experts on Their Favorite Skincare Products.” It features 11 beauty experts, including Elizabeth Dehn from Beauty Bets, and some of their favorite products.

Award GrasieMercedes

In addition to writing about skincare, Grasie Mercedes is also an actress and filmmaker, and her self-titled website reflects the wide scope of her professional career. On the Grasie Mercedes website, you’ll find her IMDb profile, some of her filmmaking projects, and blog posts about everything from infertility to natural hair to, of course, skincare.


Mercedes has been posting online since 2009, and her time spent in the world of acting and fashion serve as her main credentials. She doesn’t get too in-depth when it comes to the science of the skincare she’s using. Instead, she is all about showing you how those products actually work, through amazingly high-quality photos and videos.

About the Blog


The Grasie Mercedes blog is a combination of personal and professional, with a wide variety of product recommendations. This is not the blog for you if you’re looking for intense scientific discussions of each product mentioned. But if you’re looking for a blog with posts that recommend products that really work alongside personal posts about turning 40 or finding time for self-care, then Grasie Mercedes is the website for you. Our favorite useful post is all about Mercedes daily skincare routine, but our favorite fun post is a video of Mercedes’ husband attempting to do her makeup.

Award MaryHelenLeonard

The Natural Beauty Workshop is the blog site for the popular brand From Nature With Love, and Mary Helen Leonard is the editor and primary author. The blog has been up and running since 2005, and Leonard posts all kinds of comprehensive, informative articles about handmade products, green living, and natural beauty recipes.


Leonard isn’t an aesthetician, dermatologist, or makeup artist, but she has been doing this a long time now and has really learned her stuff in the process. She runs her own blog, Mary Makes Good, and now has two published books: The Natural Beauty Solution: Break Free from Commercial Beauty Products Using Simple Recipes and Natural Ingredients and The Handmade Mama: Simple Crafts, Healthy Recipes, and Natural Bath + Body Products for Mama and Baby. Both her blog and her books explore the realm of natural and homemade options for your daily living, and show that despite her lack of professional qualifications, she is a very reliable skincare writer.

About the Blog


The Natural Beauty Workshop is the ideal blog for anyone looking to get into green, all-natural, DIY skincare. Their articles are simple but very informative, and they provide a wide variety of resources. You can use their “Quick Guides” series to learn the basics about everything from exfoliants to preservatives, and their “Featured Ingredient” series is a great way to determine whether the latest all-natural ingredient is actually useful, or just overhyped. If you’re looking for some more professional opinions, The Natural Beauty Workshop also offers interviews with experts in the industry, and if you’re looking to try some DIY recipes, The Natural Beauty Workshop has hundreds of recipes available.

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