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Understanding Why We Wear Makeup

While gazing in the mirror recently, hastily dusting on (powder) before rushing off to work, a thought emerged from the ether, prompting me to think about the tradition I was consciously, yet subconsciously, engaged in: the use of cosmetics. When going through routine daily pre-work preparations or adding that final touch before an evening out, rarely do we pause to consider our participation in, and perpetuation of, a tradition whose roots stem to the origins of human civilization. Recorded in usage thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt, cosmetics have played important roles in religious, social, cultural, class and military aspects of nearly every civilization.

What Are Paraben Free Skincare Cosmetics?

So what are Parabens and why have they become a health concern? Parabens are a chemical compound of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. They occur naturally in foods such as blueberries, prunes and cinnamon however the parabens you find in cosmetics are synthetic.

Scents Men Love

You might be wondering why despite your sweet scent that you’re still a wall flower. I must say that your scent must have something to do with that. Not because you don’t smell good, but the perfume that you’re wearing can make men drool over you.

Tips To Applying Eye Shadow

Make up is a very important part of an outfit, giving you a polished look. Applying eye shadow correctly isn’t that difficult. You just have to have the proper equipment, master the process and find a look that works for you. And practise does make perfect. Here are some useful tips:

Things You Need To Know About Curling Irons

I bet everybody has heard the saying “the hair is a woman’s crowning glory”. I really agree with this quote. You see, your hair can actually define your face and it is the only part of the body that you have full control of. In a world where fashion and hairstyles are not constant, having a curling iron is a must.

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