ACNE TREATMENT | 22.04.2021

Important Features to Look for in Hair Dryers

An overview of important features to consider when purchasing a new hair dryer. Learn about how heat settings can cause damage to your hair.

Help On How To Prepare Make-Up And Hair For The Christmas Party: Part 2

Part one taught your how to make the best of your make-up this season, as well as tips on how to cover up unwanted lines and blemishes. After washing your hair, moisturising, completing your make-up and drying your hair, it’s time to create a stunning hair style that will impress your colleagues and mates this season.

Skin-Safe Ingredients Make European Facial and Products Favored Over Others

We all want to have great looking skin and now days we can buy almost everything in stores and on the internet. However more and more people are interested in European Facial and European Skin care products itself. Are there any secret ingredients in these products? Is it safe to use it?

The Fauxhawk Trend For Men And Women

The Fauxhawk hair style is played out of mohawk style were the hair remains conspicuously longer than the remaining hair on the sides that are completely trimmed off. The Fauxhaux is a high definition and virtually extreme version of mohawk style where the middle section of the hair remains longer than the sides.

How to Spoil Your Skin All Year Round

You have your skin for life, so why not invest in it? Every day we are exposed to harsh environments – office heating, air conditioning, wind, sun, polluted air – and we experience stress which can make our skin look dull and lifeless. Add up the hours you spend slogging away at work, the cups of coffee you drink every day, and the cigarettes you smoke. These all take their toll on your skin and weaken its glow. To keep your skin in top-notch condition, put aside some time each week to pamper your skin, to keep it looking fresh and rejuvenated.

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