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New Makeup Ideas From The 1980 Styles

Why not look a little bit retro with your makeup? The 1980’s are on their way back again.

Hair Treatment Tips For Colored Hair

Dyed hair needs special care. Here are some great tips to help keep your hair healthy.

Makeup Advice For Your Face

Having the right makeup can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to make your makeup efforts easier.

What Is Hair Relaxer and How Does It Work?

Hair relaxers are those substances which are used in order to straighten the curly hairs. There are many people who are not happy with the texture and shape of their scalp hairs like they possess rounded, curly hairs and they want to change the shape so that they would look more beautiful. In majority, women are more concerned with the beauty of hairs and they remain in the search for the solution of their problem.

Straight Lines – Crooked Lines – Puddles – Oh My!

It makes me really happy to see Africans especially women, breaking stereotypes and succeeding in business. This is one of the reasons I decided to start a blog. But I was so busy last week with a translation project that I didn’t get a chance to think what to write about next. I like doing the interviews like the one I did on Hidden Voices and I do have another one lined with a Ugandan lady who’s doing some extraordinary work in East Africa. But for today I’m kinda happy because Handbag Designer101 said they’d like to feature me and sent me some questions to answer in preparation. Going through the questions really took me down memory lane. I laughed a little (actually a lot), as I reminisced the days when I was still flapping around in “idea land” trying to think what on earth I could do apart from work.

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