the beginners guide to retinol retinoids how to prevent dry flaky side effects

The Beginner’s Guide To Retinol & Retinoids: How To Prevent Dry, Flaky Side-Effects

As a product formulator and practicing esthetician with over 30 years of experience, I consider myself well-versed in retinol and retinoids. Fun fact: I personally knew one of the dermatologists…

how often you should really get a facial according to your skin type

How Often You Should Really Get a Facial, According to Your Skin Type

Updated 11/19/21. When I was going through esthetics school in the late ’80s, I was taught that everyone should get a facial once a month. The reasoning for this was…

how to pack the perfect travel skincare routine no matter where youre going

How to Pack the Perfect Travel Skincare Routine, No Matter Where You’re Going

Prepping for a trip can be hectic enough, the last thing you need is to be stressing over which skincare products to pack. Unfortunately, between being on an airplane and…

minimize scarring how to care for a facial wound from start to finish

Minimize Scarring: How to Care for a Facial Wound From Start to Finish

In July 2020, my good friend Thurman was riding an electric scooter when he hit a pothole and flew over the handlebars. He happened to be in Austin working on…

if you have acne you should consider yourself lucky

If You Have Acne, You Should Consider Yourself Lucky

Updated 10/21/21. If you currently experience a lot of breakouts or you used to in your younger years, you should consider yourself lucky (yes, you read that right!). I wholeheartedly…

sleeping in your makeup might not be so bad if you follow this one tip

Sleeping in Your Makeup Might Not Be So Bad—IF You Follow This One Tip

We’ve all heard it before—sleeping in your makeup is the ultimate skincare sin. While it’s true that sleeping in your makeup is far from ideal, I actually don’t think it’s…

are waterless skincare products better for your skin and the environment

Are Waterless Skincare Products Better for Your Skin and the Environment?

Waterless skincare products have slowly been making their way into the market ever since rising to popularity in South Korea. Although the category of waterless skincare has only emerged in…

9 ways to quickly calm red irritated skin and put the fire out

9 Ways to Quickly Calm Red, Irritated Skin and Put the Fire Out

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard to get your skin on track only for it to be derailed again by irritation. Maybe you dove right into trying a new…

heres what skin experts want you to know about the safety of sunscreen

Here’s What Skin Experts Want You to Know About the Safety of Sunscreen

We know that sunscreen can prevent DNA damage to skin cells caused by UV light. We also know that UV light is the number one cause of premature skin aging….

everything you should know about managing rosacea

Everything You Should Know About Managing Rosacea

Seeing red is never a good thing, especially when it comes to your complexion. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that affects at least 14 million people in the U.S….