At Home Facial For Glowing Skin #Shorts

An Easy Way For Women to Maintain Their Nails

Every woman wants to maintain their nails, but we all know it can get quite expensive as well as time consuming. Read on to hear a great alternative.

The Story Behind Nail Polish

If you’re wondering some of the history behind nail polish, read on. It wasn’t always an accepted product!

Mobile Tanning – Airbrush Vs Spray Tanning, What is the Difference?

Have you ever heard about Mobile Tanning and wondered what the differences were between Airbrush Tanning and Spray Tanning? In this article you will find out as we explain to you the specifics about each. That way you will be able to pick the right Tanning strategy for your skin.

Have You Heard Of Paraben Free Products And What Is Paraben Anyway?

If there was no preservative at all to keep the baddies from making it dangerous we would be in trouble. We can’t go back to the bad old days of skin and eye infections from multi-used products. The good new is?

Real Beauty Defined

Women today are all ears when it comes to the newest beauty revolutions the best ways to make you look younger, skinnier, as feminine as possible. Women today spend countless amounts of dollars on wrinkle creams, foundations, eye make up, lip sticks, hair products, diet pills and there are hundreds of thousands of products to choose from.

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