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The Truth About 100 Brush Strokes A Day

When you were younger, did you spend an inordinate amount of time brushing your hair until it shone. It has been said that brushing your hair more than 100 strokes a night was supposed to make it healthier and shinier. People believed that repeated strokes releases natural oils in the scalp and distributes these oils to the hair, leaving it moisturized, shiny and soft.

Why Choosing Paraben Free Cosmetics Can Help Prevent Disease

Using paraben free cosmetics is a good choice for many reasons. But you need to know that parabens are not the only toxins to worry about. They might not even be the worst ones. Choosing organic skin care is the safest option.

4 Skin Care Nutrients For a Healthy Skin Glow

What causes a healthy skin glow? I can answer that question with one word, “moisture”. Your face glows after exercise because of warmth and perspiration. It glows after a warm bath or after leaving a steam room, because the cells have been soaking up moisture from the air.

Hair Categories and Characteristics

With so much false information out there in the hair market today, sometimes it can get overwhelming for the consumers. So we’ve attempted to break it down for you, describing each key components and characteristics of the two main types of hair available today, human hair and synthetic fiber.

Safety Concerns of Hair Dryers

A few reminders of the safety concerns you should be aware of when using a hair dryer. Hair dryers are extremely safe when used properly.

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