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Teach Your Little Girls Early – How to Have Pretty Feet

If you have no daughters or granddaughters, you can still have ‘girlie’ moments and traditions. When little girls get to an age where they love to dress up, the first thing I share with them is painting their toe nails. They learn at an early age that pretty bare feet with a nice pedicure, painted toe nails, and barefoot jewelry are just as important as putting your makeup on in the morning.

Sunless Tanning – The Safe Way and Other Free Beauty Products

The sun can possibly dry the skin whilst sunless tanning products do not dry the skin. You can now have 12 months a year tanning which is not possible in the winter in most countries. A yearly tan is now possible with safe sunless tanning products.

The Quick Fix For Facial Redness

Facial redness is not uncommon. Many people suffer through this. The reasons are numerous.

What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

There are many types of hair extensions available to buy. These depend on what you would like to achieve as a new look. Here are your options.

Cami Secret Review: A Camisole Bra Top That Covers Cleavage Without the Hassle of an Extra Layer

Cami Secret is a camisole top that hooks onto your bra straps and covers your cleavage without the hassle of an extra layer of clothing. Sort of like a priest’s collar, but for your boobies.

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