Blackheads, Whiteheads Extractions on “K” Part 1

Skip the Groomers and Invest in Pet Clippers and Blow Dryers

If you are looking for ways to save, investing in some pet clippers and a blow dryer can help you skip a trip to the groomers. Your pet might enjoy bath time even more in the comfort of their own home. Many pet owners save a lot of time and money by grooming their dogs at home.

Ways to Reduce Curling Iron Damage to Your Hair

If you regularly use high heat to style your hair, there are a few ways to reduce heat damage to your hair. Never apply heat to wet or damp hair and consider some products to protect your hair. One of the key concerns for women regularly using a curling iron or flat iron is how easy it is to damage your hair.

Dying Your Hair Without Killing Your Looks

We’ve all had “bad hair” days, right? But when you make a mistake in coloring your hair you have to live with it for longer than a day!

Starting Out With Bare Minerals Makeup

Bare Minerals is a popular beauty product line fast replacing the traditional liquid foundations and makeup. Beginners to this makeup line should start with two specific products.

Rusk Anti Curl Products – Review

Rusk remains on the cutting edge with their treatment and styling products by using effective ingredients and novel textures. Because of this they are known to have innovative products that stylists and consumers love.

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