Celebrity Dermat Reveals Secrets About GLOWING SKIN!

Makeup Artists That Shaped the Cosmetics World

Kevyn Aucoin and Trish McEvoy are two renowned people in the makeup industry. Both of them changed and shaped the face of the cosmetics world and in the process left an indelible mark to every makeup artist and client’s mind.

Theater Makeup Tricks

Portrayal of theater characters can be very tricky. It demands not only the actor’s ability to act it out. The overall physical appearance of a particular persona must also be epitomized with utmost authenticity. And this can be done and achieved with the use of cosmetics. However, applying makeup for theater and stage plays requires ultimate precision and familiarity with the show, script and characters.

10 Tips to Choose the Right Bra

It is tricky sometimes to choose the bra that is right for a woman. Does it have the comfort? Does it have the sexy look? Does it upsize the breasts? Is it actually the right size? Are the wires absolutely necessary?

Guy’s Perspective – How Much Makeup?

Granted, all men have varied and different tastes. Fortunately, I have many friends and am aware of the many tastes and why they exist. Women, you must read this in order to know how much makeup to use.

6 Tips to Build and Maintain a Sexy Tan

Every summer you start to hunt for that Tahiti glow. Threats like the increased solar activity, the radiation or the cancer, none of these can stop you from knowing how good a tan looks on you. The guys know it, the other women know it, it’s just too sexy not to aim at it.

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