cherry cyst removal. Dr Khaled Sadek.

Skin 101 – Dryness, Dehydration, and Flakiness

Is your skin dry, dehydrated, or both? Did you know that there was a difference? Find out what characterized dry and dehydrated skin and find out how to treat it.

Jewelry Which is Suitable For Family Reunions

In a special occasion, what kinds of jewelry would you like to wear? Simple jewelry or luxurious jewelry? this article will tell you some methods to choose appropriate jewelry for yourself.

3 Simple Steps to Ensure Your False Eyelash Glue Holds!

Most women who wear false eyelashes complain that they hang off their eyes or even worse don’t even stick at all. There are range of techniques and tricks to increase the stickiness that are regularly suggested by celebrity stylists and make up artists. The key to having long lasting hold on your false eyelashes is to follow this approach…

Hair Extensions – A Growing Trend?

It is a growing trend – more and more women want to score with Hollywood hairstyles. It is suitable for those whose own hair to be healthy and have at least 10-15 cm in length. A super result is achieved when the hair is about 20-30 cm in length.

Top 5 Keratin Hair Treatments

The range of hairdressing and styling products available in the shops today is huge. This industry is subject to constant developments and innovations and one of the most recent of these is the use of keratin in hair products.

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