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Short Hair Is Fresh and Young

Remember the first time you saw women opting for shorter and shorter hair? It was like a revolution and surprise for many people, especially men. It felt just like a breath of fresh air and a revolution from old conceptions between long hairs and a woman’s beauty.

Shampoos and Their Effects

The industry around hair care products, especially shampoos, has grown astronomically. There are hundreds of brands, different shampoos, and each one specialized for a personal type of hair.

Extending Hair With Extensions

For centuries women have loved long hair. In many cultures worldwide it is a sign of good health and wealth, because it is hard to keep long hair clean, smooth and silky. It isn’t easy to grow long hair. For some women, hair when it’s long, has the tendency to break, have split ends and damage the scalp.

Top 5 Celebrity Nail Colors of Fall 2010

Fall is just around the corner, and one of the hottest trends this year is nail colors. With celebrities flaunting the coolest shades from Los Angeles to New York City, this top 5 list will give you the low down on the hottest nail color shades to rock this fall.

Natural and Organic Makeup

“Going green” could be considered one of the latest trends around, but it looks like this is a trend that is here to stay. People are growing more conscious of the effect the products they use has on planet Earth.

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