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Organic Skin Care: Know How To Take Care Of Your Skin!

Organic skin care has become a huge buzz in the cosmetic industry. Hence, when you go in to buy your skin care products you should be a label detective while choosing cosmetic products, personal care and skin care items. This is the only way for you to find something that is truly organic and will not harm your skin. Learn how you can know if the product you choose is organic?

What Are My Colors – Tips for Keeping Hair Color Fresh

Follow these 9 tips for keeping your hair color fresh. You’ve already asked yourself, “What are my colors?” Now you want to keep the lovely color you decided on for as long as possible.

What Are My Colors – General Tips for Highlighting Hair

Highlighting adds streaks of one or more lighter shades of color to your hair. It’s an expressive art, giving dimension and personality to your personal style.

What Are My Colors? – 3 Style Effects From Chunking Your Own Hair

Chunking is a term used to define coloring thick strands of hair in a highlighting process. The process can be done at home with a simple to use kit. Before coloring, you will need to think about what effect you would like to achieve. Also ask yourself, “What are my colors?”

Personal Color Analysis – Review of the “In Your Wardrobe” Method

The following is my assessment of the “in your wardrobe” method of personal color analysis. The method is commonly used to determine one’s best colors to wear based on assessing the clothing that can be presently found in one’s wardrobe.

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