Dull skin.. Frizzy Hair.. AND yellow teeth?! We have ONE INGREDIENT to treat IT ALL!

Types of Dior Lipstick That Express You Best

Women have different personalities and lifestyles, and most likely they express their individuality in their sense of fashion. Dior lipstick has different types of collections that will suit one’s personality, mood and taste accordingly.

How to Get Rid of Lines Around the Mouth

Have you heard lately that 40 is the new 30? Well, it can be true, or it can be a huge farce. If you are trying to defy that signs of natural aging, then one of the first things you will want to focus your attack on is the lines around the mouth.

Cheap Alternatives for Expensive Perfume

With the economy being in pretty bad shape these days, we all need to make adjustments in our purchases and lifestyle. Things that may once have been pretty may now be luxury items. But you don’t have to stop getting all your favorite creature comforts just because you have to downgrade. If you are a perfume junkie like me, you can still smell great without the extra cost. Below are some of the fragrance families, and some perfume brands that smell great and won’t make your wallet suffer.

Hair Thinning Scissor

Although they may not seem like it, hair thinning scissors are actually very simple to use. These specialized hairdressing shears are indispensable in any professional salon and they’re easy to spot because of their comb like blades.

The Evolution of the Boned Corset

Of all the traits a corset carries, its boning is the most important. After all, what good is the corset design and look if it doesn’t structure your figure in the manner you see fit? When referring to corsets, a bone is one of the firm pieces that give a corset the sturdy waist shaping structure that these waist toners have been known for throughout the eras. Boned corsets of 16th, 17th and 18th centuries were called “stays”.

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