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Rihanna’s Makeup Secrets Revealed

Rihanna has always surprised us with her make-up. She always uses for her eyes eyeliner pencils especially for lower eyelid contour. Make-up is complemented by cream and brown tones, because the emphasis is on the eyes, open shades of radiant lipstick.

Applying Eyeshadow, Tips For Beginners

Get an eyeshadow brush. This may seem a bit of a stretch for a beginner, but the fact is beginners are known for having a lot of product all in one area.

Absolutely Natural – Skin Care Sensibilities

If you want absolutely natural skin care, you probably want the safest solutions available. You might think that all naturally occurring ingredients are completely safe. That’s not true.

Eyelash Extension Kits – Why You Should Avoid Them

Do you know that do it yourself eyelash extension kits are dangerous? Most of these kits involve the use of formaldehyde or cyano acrylate. Find out how to grow your lashes naturally.

Living Nature Offers Its Own Skin Care Solutions

There are many living nature skin care products on the market today. As people have learned more about the role that exposure to chemicals plays in cancer and other ailments, they have started to demand products with safer naturally occurring ingredients.

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