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Different Shears for Different Hair

Not all hair shears are created equal. Knowing what different hair shears do may make your experience with your hair stylist more enjoyable and productive.

How To Choose The Right Hair Scissors

Before you start to cut anybody’s hair it is important to have at hand the best pair of hair scissors for the task. You should not use any old design to trim and cut hair as if you do the finished results may not be as desired.

Expectations When Getting Your Tongue Pierced

Piercing your tongue is an exciting experience. Do your research on the front end to know what to expect and your experience should be a pleasant one.

Natural Face Lifts – The Importance of Exercise and Skin Care

A look at the subject of natural face lifts as an alternative to going under the knife. This article also hopes to point out that it is possible to look younger through regular facial exercise and a skin care routine.

Anti-Aging Mistake

At age 58, if you are not thinking about the future, that means you are living mindlessly, accepting life as it happens. When you do that, one day, perhaps after a couple of years in unplanned traditional retirement, you will be dealing with some kind of decline issue that could have been avoided and you will be asking yourself, “How did this happen?”

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