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DIY Bath Oils’ Amazing Health Benefits

Oil baths are an age old tradition for body and health care, especially in the southern parts of Asia. It is believed that the oils penetrate deep into the skin to repair and provide rejuvenation. (Busy women like us need a lot of that!) With the right ingredients, a nice oil bath can give provide several health-related benefits.

Exfoliate Your Hands & Feet With Oatmeal

It will not, therefore, come as a surprise that our hands and feet are prone to look worn out, tired, and rough. Pampering for both the hands and the feet should be a part of a working woman’s routine. A weekly exfoliation should be on top of our pampering list, and today, we’ve got an amazing hand and foot exfoliator for you -featuring oatmeal!

Get A Gorgeous Glow With A Pumpkin Facial

Today’s recipe uses an unlikely facial ingredient — pumpkins, which makes a great and natural alternative for clay masks because of its thick consistency. And here’s the best part: pumpkins are loaded with Vitamin A, C and Zinc — all amazing, nourishing ingredients for our skin! It’s all natural and healthy – you can never go wrong with that!

A New Elizabeth Taylor Perfume For 2010!

Elizabeth Taylor is a legendary actress, known to rise to fame in the Golden Age of Hollywood. She is one of the most respected, well-known actresses to ever grace the silver screen. She has helped pave the way for other celebrities who want to make their own signature scent.

Eyelash Lengtheners – Things You Should Know

All women who desire longer, fuller eyelashes should look into trying out an eyelash lengthener. You will be faced with multiple choices when choosing to buy one so make sure to do your research, but no matter what you need to do to select the right product it will be worth it in the end.

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