Fix Your Hairline! #Shorts

Eye Make-Up – Truly Simple

What is the first thing you notice when looking at someone? Almost everyone, says a person’s eyes, and this is so, for me as well. That’s the first thing I notice about someone.

Glycolic Acid Peel – The Five Mistakes You Want to Avoid

You may have heard complaints and/or horror stories about glycolic acid peel. I have. Every one of them came from misinformed or dis-informed people. Glycolic acid peel is completely safe, when you know what you are doing. Here are the mistakes you want to avoid.

Some Useful Tips and Tricks to Make Up Your Eyelashes With Mascara

In most popular magazines we can usually see attractive girls with beautiful eyes framed with ravishing eyelashes, you may possibly have the doubt that regardless of whether these wonderful eyelashes are normal or have they been artificially enhanced. For more tips please go through our article.

Indulge in Green Fragrances Before the Winter Doldrums

It won’t be too long until the landscape for most of the country becomes brown and drab again. As summer fades into fall, we will begin to lose sight of the vibrant greens that so define the season of the sun. And because we don’t want to rush summer off too soon, we’re dedicating this Health & Beauty tips column to green summer fragrances. Besides, won’t you miss that smell of fresh-cut grass?

At Home Spa

The How to Guide to do our own At Home Spa. You can quickly and easily create a spa ambiance in your home by lighting one or more candles and popping in a little Enya or Classical music. It transforms your state of mind from “I have to do my nails” to “I’m so looking forward to my manicure!”

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