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Harmful Chemicals You Can Avoid By Choosing Paraben Free Cosmetics

Several companies now provide paraben free cosmetics. As many as 300 cosmetic ingredients are excluded by some company’s rigorous guidelines. Other companies exclude only 6. Here’s why we need to be picky about “whom” we buy from, not just “what” we buy.

Natural Substance That Reverses Skin Aging – Secret Of The Sea Is The Fountain of Youth?

Will this natural substance turn you into a teenager again? Except the pimples right? Soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom. Be careful, you still want to be let into places with an age limit.

Top Ten Hairstyles For A Younger You

Numerous women resort to plastic surgery without considering non-surgical methods of looking young. To their surprise, they would be shocked how their hair style could make a huge difference in subtracting years from their age.

Shake What Mother Nature Gave You

We’re getting back to the basics – the way nature intended. Some of the most dermatologist-recommended skin care ingredients stem from natural sources like fruits, trees and plants. Here, five essential naturally derived ingredients to have in your skin care.

7 Beauty Treatments to Squeeze Into Your Lunch Break

If, like any normal person, you find yourself with too little time to groom yourself, the salons close before you finish work and weekends are taken up with other chores, there may be an option for you. You could nip out on your lunch to spruce yourself up, especially if you have a hot date or night on the town waiting at the end of the day. Here’s a list of treatments that you should be able to get at any decent beauty salon and leave you with enough time to enjoy your sushi.

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