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Tips for Buying Plus Size Sexy Costumes

Plus size sexy costumes offer additional rooms for other assets in a woman. You will be able to show off your curves in a better way. You can find plus size sexy costumes in almost any kind of styles including super heroes, movie characters and ancient periods.

Cancerous Agents in Your Skin Care Lotion!

Buying a paraben free lotion is a good first step, but more is needed to protect your health. Parabens might have something to do with the growth of cancer tumors. They are known to be common allergens. But they are not the only toxic substances in our health and beauty aids.

Investing in a Simple Facial Moisturizer Can Pay Off

Many people underestimate the benefits of a facial moisturizer. They are sometimes willing to spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging serums, but fail to invest in a reasonably priced day cream.

Parabens, Sunscreen and UV Have One Thing in Common – Skin Wrinkles

One of the causes of skin wrinkles is UV-induced damage to the skin’s cells. There are compounds that help protect against the damage and others that increase the damage. Here’s a look at what’s good and what’s bad for your skin’s health and appearance.

Elizabeth Arden Perfumes – US Vs French Perfumes

If you dropped out of nursing training and started your career as a lowly bookkeeper in a pharmaceuticals factory – would you think that a global business empire was on the cards for you? This is a real story about one of the leading ladies in the history of skincare and cosmetics.

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