FULL BLACKHEAD | 21.04.2021

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Real Hair Extensions Last

Wouldn’t you like to know the secret to making your extensions last? Here are the top 10 tips from stylist all over the world to make your real hair extensions last.

Stamping Nail Art! What Is It?

It is a technique by which different types of designs are stamped on the nail with different types of accessories. It comes as a kit or a set with various stamping devices and different colors of nail polish. The process is very simple and can be done without any professional help. Even children can paint their nails without any proficiency.

Looks Are Not Everything But Make The Most of What You Have

Capitalize on your good points and try to minimize whatever ‘defects’ your body has, always keeping in mind that by the way you look you are creating your specific style. When you look in the mirror, it pays off to be honest and objective with yourself. With nowadays’ fashion flexibility anyone can be in vogue.

Have Fun With Your Hair for Fall 2010

It’s that time again, isn’t it? Before we knew it, summer turned to autumn in a blink of an eye. With our busy lifestyles, it’s easy to forget to spend time on our hair until we’re knee deep in winter! Let’s take advantage of some spicy new looks for autumn, shall we?

Simple Beauty Tips for a Busy Woman

Being beautiful is not difficult. All women deserve to look gorgeous and fascinating. There are many ways to be beautiful. Rather than going to salon and having expensive treatment, you can apply natural methods. Natural beauty treatment will ease you in maintaining your appearance. Here are some tips for busy women who don’t have enough time to visit salon and want to do the treatment at home.

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