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Makeup Brushes – 4 Must Haves

No matter how fabulous your makeup is, or what technique you use, you really need good makeup brushes to pull it all together. The absolute KEY to great makeup application is really all in the brushes you use! Applying eye makeup can be super easy once you know which makeup brush to use to create the stunning, sexy look you want.

How to Shape Eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows is a skill that must be learned by all women. Having attractive eyebrows greatly enhances your look and makes your whole face more attractive. On the other hand, poorly and overly plucked eyebrows can make you look dreadful. Creating the perfect brow requires time and patience, but with a little perseverance and some practice, anyone can have beautiful eyebrows. If you have already over plucked and don’t have much to work with, don’t worry. Work with what you have. You can always use an eyebrow pencil as a last resort.

How to Apply Lipstick Without Getting It on Your Teeth

I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than a woman having lipstick on her teeth and not knowing it. Sometimes you’re lucky and the person you’re with is a close friend or family member. They’ll just tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth and the two of you can laugh it off. But what about if you’re on a date or a job interview? This can be really awkward for the person sitting across from you, and can very well influence whether or not you get a job or a second date. By following a few simple methods, you can let yourself feel confident even in your brightest shade of red lipstick.

2011 Summer Beauty Guide

Ahhh…summer 2011 is in full swing and there are so many fabulous looks to choose from! This summer it’s all about dresses (definitely long, flowy maxi-dresses), sexy jumpsuits and rompers, dressy shorts, gold and silver sequence tops (and dresses), long and big earrings, embellished sandals, strappy platform heels, chucky and sexy sunglasses and definitely a huge trend right now…unique color nail polishes!

Where Do Professional Nail Techs Go For Their Acrylic Nails and Acrylic Nail Products?

Online acrylic nail product suppliers are a fantastic resource for professional nail techs who want to streamline their process. This is a great way to buy quality professional products like pre-mixed acrylic powder with glitter, tints or confetti at discounted prices.

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