Homemade hair products for extreme GROWTH, DEFINITION & BOUNCE🤩

Stretch Marks, Ladies?

Stretch marks occur due to the skin stretch, especially in the abdominal area, breasts and thighs as compensation for increasing muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. The skin has a limitation in the stretch. When the pressure of fat and muscle mass under the skin is getting higher, connective tissue under the skin is not able to survive and eventually rupture.

Even Your Skin Tone With Cosmelan 2

Pigment discoloration of the face occurs over time due to several causative factors. Sun exposure, genetics and some female hormones all play a part in the appearance of dark patches or spots on the face. Cosmelan 2 works to fade these dark patches over time, eventually returning your face to its youthful radiance.

How to Achieve Great Curls

Great hair is not just for models. This article discusses which products you need to achieve great hair every day of the week.

Effective Way to Clean a Flat Iron

Styling tools are difficult to clean after buildup has hardened on the plates. A new product in the marketplace provides and easy and safe solution to cleaning your styling tools.

Curling Irons Versus Hot Rollers: The Differences

Hot rollers and curling irons both have pros and cons. Knowing the differences between these popular styling tools will help you achieve your desired hair style.

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