How To Get PINK and Fuller Lips! | Natural, Affordable and Safe!

A Look At Glo Mineral Makeup And How It Can Benefit Your Skin

One of the best products to come out of the cosmetic industry for the new millennium has to be the many lines of mineral based makeup available in today’s market. The benefits and advantages of using this kind of makeup and cosmetics are many and further testing has proven that its composition is far lighter than previous makeup lines, giving it a lot of advantages other products when it comes to good skincare practices.

Secret Make Up Trick to Glowing Skin All Winter

There is a very important makeup product I want to discuss. It’s a cream based highlighter and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to glowing skin.

Facts About Using Curly Hair Products

Curly hair tends to be dry all the time due to its nature. It therefore becomes important to moisturize it using curly hair products for an attractive yet natural look. There are a lot of options available including the natural oil-based creams and lotions.

Primer – THE Secret Sauce!

Primer is a liquid, gel or cream used to smooth out your facial skin. It is applied before foundation or powder to diminishes fine lines for a smooth canvas and allows your makeup to last longer. A good primer has multiple uses and should be applied after you clean and moisturize your skin.

Make Up For Asian Eyes: How To Do It Right

Asian eyes are unique in their beauty, and make up application requires a little more attention and practice. Make up that looks good on Caucasian eyes will not necessarily look good on Asian eyes. Whether you have Asian eyes yourself or you are a make up artist with an Asian client, you want to bring out the best in those gorgeous eyes. Below are some tips and tricks in order to make those beautiful Asian eyes pop.

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