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How to Apply Mascara – 5 Tips From A 22-Year-Old Girl Who Has 6 Years Experience

What’s the first piece of cosmetics that every girl bought? Yes, the answer is mascara. We stated to learn to apply mascara since 16 or even younger, however, it seemed no one has taught us how to apply mascara in a perfect way.

The Truth About Teeth Whitening

A smile can tell a lot about a person’s personality. There is no clear definition of what a great smile should look like but you will know that you have seen a great smile when you see one. You can see it in their eyes, the way their face wrinkles, and the way they open their mouth when they smile. Best of all, teeth that are sparkling and pearly white is what differentiates a great smile above others. This has made teeth whitening so popular among those who have always wanted to show how warm and friendly they could be.

Active Manuka Honey – Why Would You Ever Want to Use Manuka Honey Products For Your Skin?

What can a golden pancake glazing do for your skin and health? You might ask yourself, sure, I’ve seen some foot creams with that and sure they smell nice, does it really do something?

Clip On Extensions – Before Making Your First Purchase

Clip on extensions will be the answer to your hair care prayers if you recently had a bad hair cut and are just bidding your time waiting for your hair to grow out? Perhaps your hair is thin and you have always desired to have a longer and thicker mane. These extensions can be purchased easily at a beauty supply store or even online on such sites as Amazon and other beauty care sites.

Becca Cosmetics – Quality Products For a Flawless Face

When Rebecca Morrice Williams founded Becca Cosmetics halfway around the world in Perth Australia, she had a few simple ideas in mind. While working as a professional make-up artist Williams had looked long and hard for years to find the perfect foundation for women.

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