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Organic Make Up – Body, Mind and Soul

The choices that we make define us and play a very important part in our lives. Bad choices may lead to a lot of heart ache and problematic situations that we will have to overcome. When we make the type of choices that can have a big impact on our lives it is vital that we look at the possible implications of the choice on our bodies, minds and souls.

A Day in the Life of a Perfume Designer

A fascinating insight into the life of a professional perfumer… We all love to smell nice. It is a well known fact that smell has a huge impact on our subconscious brains which can make us happy, sad or even conjures up past memories we had previously long forgotten.

Women Can Ward Off Unappealing Skin With The Help Of Stretch Mark Treatments

Women are prone to being quite self-conscious about their physical appearance, and for some unexplainable reason, women tend to be so highly critical of other women’s looks, but most especially of their own. Knowing how particular they can be in terms of attention to detail, it becomes a tough ordeal to have to go through when you are faced with issues that you cannot really do much about.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Cosmetics

There are innumerable kinds of beauty boosting cosmetics in the market today. It is extremely important to figure out which cosmetics are best for your skin and your complexion. Its the color tone of your skin that will determine which shade you should stick to while buying your beauty products.

Caring for Sun Damaged Skin – Bliss Sleeping Peel Review

When I was in my teens, I studiously avoided the sun. I wanted to cultivate my “pale” as much as some people cultivate their tan. I didn’t wear sun block, but I tried to keep the sun away from my skin as much as possible.

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