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Centrix Shears: A Reliable Brand of Barber Shears

The importance of shears in one’s career as a barber or stylist cannot be stressed enough. Similar to an artist that relies on his paintbrush to create masterpieces, a stylist relies very much on his set of shears in order to come up with beautiful hair cuts and styles.

How to Apply Makeup Properly

Applying makeup is an additional factor to look beautiful. It really enhances the way a woman looks and changes the aura. This article is designed to help the pretty ladies out there trying to improve their appearance with the use of cosmetics.

What Colors Should I Wear for a Romantic Effect?

What are the most romantic colors, and which ones will be harmonious with your skin tone? You’re right to ask, “What colors should I wear?” Out of the millions of visible colors, a very particular group of those colors will be right for you, and from your personal color palette, some of those colors will say, “Romance.”

A Makeover at Home – A Pedicure

Starting from a Pedicure I first pour a relaxing liquid gel (or can use a shampoo) to a basin with half full of warm (as much as you can put your feet inside) water. After making the bubbles come up I put my feet into the water basin and cover them with the bubbles.

Do You Want To Naturally Lighten Your Skin?

There are so many skin lightening products and treatments out there, but do they really do what they claim? Or is it just another waist of money stored in your bathroom closet.

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