“K” Forehead Extractions Part I

Corioliss Hair Straightener

For the purpose of reviewing the Corioliss products, we will look at two of their top end hair straighteners. Both are world class products and choosing between them can be difficult.

Best Shampoo And Conditioner For Dry Hair

Shampoo was created for one purpose, remove dirt and grime from hair. Modern shampoos also get rid of sebum which is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that prevent hair and skin from drying out.

Best Selling Hair Straighteners

A quick look into history shows us that hair straightening has been around for some time now. There is reference to Jessica Levinson Young, who in 1882, started using heated balls to straighten or style hair.

Cricket Hair Straightener

There are many manufacturers that claim to make the number one and highly respected tools of the hair care trade. There are but a handful of manufacturers that actually meet or exceed this claim.

Top Treatments at Spa Vacations for Women

What was once considered as luxury in many women’s lives is now considered a necessity to deal with stress of day-to-day living! Spa experiences go way beyond the typical massage and include exotic indulgences like facials and body treatments.

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