Large Back Cyst Removal by Dr Khaled Sadek

Signs of Bad Hair Salons

There is nothing worse than making an appointment at a bad hair salon. You may not only have a poor experience, you may also leave the salon with a less than appealing look.

The Brazilian Waxing Process

There are many misconceptions about the Brazilian waxing process. However, as people take the proper steps to understand what it actually involves, more and more people are getting it done. The following outlines the basic procedures involved.

Want a New Hair Color? Questions to Consider

Many women change their hair color as way to give themselves a new look. However, before they choose a new color to go with, there are a number of questions women need to consider.

Comparing Brazilian Waxing With Other Techniques

Many people tend to be fixated on the idea that Brazilian waxing is a painful process. However, when compared to other hair removal techniques, there are just as many things to factor in before making a decision.

Changing Your Hair Colour

Perhaps one of the most common fashion changes women participate in is changing their hair colour. Some women do this just for a change, others change with the fashion of the day. Today’s trends are toward easy glamour. Celebrities are sporting sleek, shiny hair with movement in the cut. Colours are icy blondes, bright reds, and cool browns. For the fashion forward woman, the reddish browns are out. The main thing, though, is to choose a hair colour that works with your skin tone, because changing your hair colour to one that clashes with your skin tones will make you look sick and old rather than dramatic and fashionable. These are some of the newest styles in hair colouring.

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