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What Are My Colors – Early History of Color Analysis

German philosopher, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe began to answer the question, “What are my colors?” in 1810 when he published his Theory of Colours. It was later published in English. Goethe made an exhaustive scientific study of color which he considered to be his most important work in his prolific career.

How to Make Perfume by Yourself

Making your own signature perfume for that special person in your life really isn’t that hard to do. A woman gets excited when she knows her fragrance is unique only to her and that no one else will have that perfume and more importantly, be able to buy it. Getting the right ingredients and making a sample of your mixture formula so that you have a one-of-a-kind fragrance that is only for you is your first step to whisking him away.

Using Organic Skin Care Products

If you find it hard to get that perfect moisturiser for your skin type, you are not alone! Since I was very young I have understood the benefits of moisturising…

The Profession Of A Permanent Makeup Artist And The Effect It Has On Its Clients

The purpose of a permanent makeup artist is to enhance the look of a clients natural appearance with permanent tattooing and coloring of eye liner, eye brows and lip color. Permanent makeup artists receive their training through classroom education or apprenticeships. Many professional artists have an eye for symmetry as well as knowledge in facial morphology.

Nightingale Droppings Facial: Facts Beyond the Myth

Japanese nightingale droppings (Uguisu-no-Fun) is rich in guanine, protease and Lipase enzymes. Facial treatments restore skin deteriorated by sun and aging, whiten skin and cleanse skin pores. Myths, facts and how to use.

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