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Caruso Steam Rollers – Review

Hot roller technology has advanced tremendously over the last ten years, and one name stands above the rest, Caruso. They offer the latest curler options and provide you with the necessities to creating long lasting curls.

Hair Straighteners Have Come A Long Way In A Short Time

Hair straighteners first became vogue in the late sixties to early seventies when the sleek super straight hair came on the scene. At that point, there really wasn’t a design for this tool so people used what they could find. Sadly, that was often your standard household iron.

Caruso Molecular Hairsetter – Review

The Caruso Molecular Hairsetter offers two great benefits over harmful heat rollers. They create longer lasting curl and use non-damaging ion steam instead of extreme heat.

Versace Bright Crystal – An Olfactory Experience

Donatella Versace knows what she likes. Her penchant for floral fragrances inspired her to create something that her own design house could be proud to call one of their own. Versace Bright Crystal perfume was born as Donatella’s favorite floral fragrances.

It’s a 10 Hair Care – Review

With the tremendous strain put on hair today, it is no wonder our hair is so dry and damaged. Thank to It’s a 10 Hair Care products, we now have an effective solution.

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