Loan Nguyen Acne Treatment (#158)

China Glaze Purple Nail Polish – Review

China Glaze professional nail lacquers are known for their innovative array of vibrant colors. Their polishes are sold worldwide and service professional salons and consumers globally.

A Review of Cindy Crawford Beauty Products

Meaningful Beauty, Cindy Crawford’s range beauty products, was developed by the model and Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, a French cosmetic physician. The idea for the product was conceived when Crawford realized that frequent travel, long working hours and too much make up had started to negatively affect her skin.

Andis Hair Dryer – Review

Andis is best known for its professional hair clippers and trimmers. Few people know that they now manufacture a great line of high quality hair dryers perfect for the professional and average consumer.

3 Tips For Taming Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is caused from a lack of moisture in the hair and often curly hair suffers from frizz. Curly hair in general absorbs moisture from the air at a faster rate than straight hair. Therefore, curly hair is often drier and less manageable. Below are my 3 tips for taming your frizzy hair.

Beauty From the Inside Out – 3 Secrets for True Luminous Beauty

It’s wonderful to glow from the inside out where beauty is so much more than skin deep because it’s a direct result of being balanced with the thoughts you allow into your mind including what you believe about yourself, to the foods and drinks you choose allowing all your trillions of cells to hum along happily. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone can see a lovely bright and smooth skinned woman who lights up any room with a luminosity that is obviously more than the creams, gels, nips or tucks she’s had. I’ve found over the years three secrets that show the world a beauty that is unique to every woman, and am constantly taken for someone fifteen plus years younger than I am, sometimes a sister to my daughter, which is partly genes and mostly conscious living! I share this fact because life is a mosaic of experiences for us all with societal stresses that can thwart our very efforts to be beautiful and if i can show it so can you! No matter how challenging your life is you can show your self and the world a beautiful version of you!

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