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Hair Extension Methods – Which Type Is Best for You and How to Choose the Right Stylist

You want beautiful long hair – but which method do you choose and how do you find the right extensionist to install them? We explain the most popular methods available and how to find the right stylist for the job.

5 Bad Habits Causing You Bad Skin Right Now

Having a beautiful skin is everyone woman’s dream regardless of the gender and age. People often wonder how they can obtain this amazing skin. Actually, it is very easy to get rid of certain bad habits that limits your skin’s real beauty.

Ill-Fitting Bras – How to Avoid Them and Get the Right Size

Study shows that more than 80% of women have ill-fitting bra on them. This has caused many problems from back pain, restricted breathing to poor posture. Below are some indications if the bra you are wearing is of a wrong size and badly fit and how you should re-measure your bra size.

Hair Highlights Are Easy, Do Not Be Afraid to Try Something New

Highlights are a great way to brighten up hair and create dimension and shine. They can be done on any form of hair it does not matter what shade or texture.

Essential Makeup For Your Purse

Situations arise all the time. This makes it important to add these items to your makeup purse.

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