Loan Nguyen Acne Treatment #201

How to Apply Face Powder

Similar to how we don’t want to smudge our concealer when applying foundation over it, we don’t want to smudge our foundation when applying our powder. We simply want to set the products on our face, not distort them. So in order to do that this is what we need to do.

How to Apply Concealer

A question I hear often when it comes to concealer is does it go on before or after foundation? Just like with so many other things…it depends. In this case, it not only depends on your personal preference, it also depends on how you are using the product.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Seeing as foundation is really the foundation of your base makeup (pardon the cheese), I cannot stress enough how important it is to get it done right. This is how we’ll achieve a flawless base.

How to Get Hair Extensions

Learn some of the basic methods for getting hair extensions, including buying online or visiting a traditional salon. This article provides basic money saving tips and advice for anyone considering extending their hair.

Prada Perfumes Are Bestselling Products of the Brand

Today Prada perfumes are very popular around the world for their contemporary minimalism. When you spray on the perfume, you feel different – sophisticated, enigmatic and elegant. Here is a short Prada perfume review to help you choose the best fragrance suitable for your lifestyle and taste.

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