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Wholesale Perfumes – Available at Bargain Prices

Yes, you CAN get access to fragrances sold at wholesale prices. Wholesale perfumes need not just be available to traders or retail shops – here’s a strategy for finding a bargain for you.

Entering the World of SPFX

Grotesque monsters, zombies, hobbits, giant trolls, dwarves, vampires and werewolves, these are all imaginary creatures brought to life in the silver screen by highly talented and very creative special effects (SPFX) makeup artists. Their world is much different than those involved in theater, stage modeling, TV events, and special occasions.

Which Makeup School Should You Go to?

More often than not, many makeup artists that aspire to improve their knowledge and skills in makeup application would want to enroll in a reputable makeup school. But since makeup schools are highly specialized, only a few people know about their existence and can vouch for their reputation. And so the question remains, which makeup school is best?

Top 10 Big Makeup Turn Offs

Although makeup artists work and give their best to make a woman look trendier, more natural and beautiful, men don’t always approve. They tend to be very picky with what their lady luck should look like on makeup. And for you to “please” your man here are the top 10 makeup dos that you should avoid at all cost as these make men cringe.

Tips on Theater Makeup Application

Have you been chosen to do the job of applying makeup for a theater or stage play? This article might come in handy for such instances since listed here are some basic tips on theater makeup application. So read on…

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