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The Wonders of Joy Perfume

Known as the most expensive perfumes in the world, Jean Patou has left an indelible mark on the fragrance market with Joy Perfume. From his humble beginnings after World War I and the Wall Street Crash, he raised the bar of luxury in spite of difficult times and inspired the women of America with his Joy perfume. Although from French descent, he reveres his American clientele too well that he created a perfume that contains double of the required essential oils, thus doubling or even tripling the price of perfumes of his time.

Techniques in the Use of Fragrance

Just as we use clothes to change our emotions everyday, we can also use different perfumes to achieve this goal. The smell has an effect on one’s emotions and spirits, as the same part in brain dealing with emotions and fragrance. So when ads of perfume say that aroma can take charge of our emotion, they are not cheating you.

Ten Things You Should Know About Your Perfume

Here are ten things you should know about your perfume. 1. The perfume can be sprayed on the clean hair. The dirt and oil on the hair can change the good smell of a perfume.

Tips For Choosing Perfume

Perfume is the forever love of women. A simple bottle of perfume can add charm and elegance for women. But as a matter of fact, it is not a easy thing for women to choose the right perfume. The following article will give you some advice on how to choose perfume.

Vera Wang Fragrances – Beyond Couture

Sweet, delicate and intimate – this is how most people will describe the Vera Wang Fragrances. There are different stories to each perfume, exuding its own confidence and character. Known for her luxurious bridal gowns, Vera Wang has catered to a high profile clientele that is comprised of Hollywood celebrities and New York elites. This impeccable taste for the fresh, hip and young, has been extended to the Vera Wang fragrances. It has then kept up with the demands of the market in the heights of Ghost perfume and others.

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