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History Of Perfume And Fragrances

You love your perfume but, have you ever thought about how many other people have as well? Let us give you some interesting facts…

Why Perfume Became So Popular?

This is a question asked my many of us who are allergic to strong perfume fragrances. Perhaps the belief that perfume acts as an aphrodisiac holds its own to other more practical reasons to use these aromas. This article talks about the reasons perfume became such a desired product, since the old times from ancient Egypt.

What Types of Women’s Personal Care Products Are Safe For You and the Planet?

Women’s personal care products do not have to be manufactured with such ingredients. Many providers go the extra step to thoroughly scrutinize everything that goes into their products. They’ll produce a mineral cosmetic using kaolin clay instead of employing harsh artificial chemicals. As indicated, mineral makeup provides for a shield from the sun granting you additional years of wrinkle free skin.

How to Pick Your Signature Perfume

It’s important to separate yourself from the pack. You need to stand out, and there are a number of ways to accomplish this goal. Many people show off their unique personality through dress, hairstyle, or shoe selection. For something a little more understated, but just as powerful, consider selecting a scent that will immediately identify you to the people you come in contact with everyday. At first, they won’t quite know why they’re having these powerful, memorable feelings. After all, scent is supposedly the sense most strongly linked to memory. With time, however, they’ll come to associate that certain wonderful fragrance with you.

Phyto Squalane in Cosmetics – An Alternative to Shark Liver Squalene

In my search for excellent ingredients to include in our skin care products I came across phyto-squalane. I had heard of shark liver squalene which is taken as a dietary supplement, but not phyto squalane from olive oil. As an alternative to shark squalene, phyto-squalane has been used as a great moisturiser and cosmetic ingredient.

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