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Tanning Without the Sun

Sunless tanning is one of the safest alternative ways to prevent sagging of the skin, premature wrinkles and skin cancer. With this method of getting tanned, you can actually enjoy both worlds – the tan you always wanted without the harmful effects on health. Here’s how to tan without the sun.

Guide for Sunless Self Tanning

There is no doubt, having a tan makes you feel and look sexy. And that is one of the reasons why we love the beach and outdoors! However, getting the desired tan under the sun can be harmful to your skin; long exposure to the sun is the major cause of skin cancer.

Sunless Tanning Guide – Choosing the Best Self Tanning Solutions and Applications

Tan is sexy. Gone is the mentality that white is the sexiest of all the skin colors. However, tanning can be difficult because not everyone could spend some time sunbathing to achieve tanning the natural way.

Choosing the Best Self Tanning Products

The skin is the largest organ of the body, hence it is important to take care of our skin by observing proper diet, taking in lots of water, and making sure our skin is always moisturized. However, aside from skin being the largest organ, it is also the organ that is visible to the naked eye, meaning anything that we apply on skin will most definitely show.

Avoid These Self-Tanning Mistakes

Before 1960’s the only way to get a tan is to stay outdoors and bathe under the harmful rays of the sun. Self tanning products were introduced due to the scientific studies that link skin cancer with sun exposure.

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