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Curing the Curse of Frizzy Hair

Anyone who has ever had to struggle with dry, unmanageable and frizzy hair knows what a nightmare it can be. From ruining every attempted hair styles to making your scalp feel sore and tender, this article helps ease the misery frizzy hair can cause.

7 Reasons to Choose Non-Toxic Nail Polish

When it comes to nails, it’s hard not to cover them in colorful polish to show them off. However, it’s important to make responsible decisions to ensure that our vanity doesn’t have harmful affects on ourselves, those around us or the planet on which we live.

What Does Your Wild Colored Nail Polish Say About You?

Lets put the boring, overdone red & pink nails aside, with the wide variety of nail color options out there we have the opportunity to let our nails show off our wide side. That said, each crazy polish color says something about the person who wears it, their style, their individuality and their outlook on life.

Professional Beauty Supply Must Haves

Even though we are living in a time where money is tight, it does not mean we cannot still look our best with salon perfection. This just means that we have to learn to do it on our own now. Most if not all professional beauty supplies can be found at your local beauty supply store. Here I will list off some of the most important beauty supply must haves.

CHI Silk Infusion and Natural Alternatives

A leave-in hair treatment that is popular with many women for its effectiveness in making hair smooth and silky, CHI Silk Infusion actually makes use of silk proteins to do its work. Just a dime sized amount has been reported to do wonders for many women. It works by bonding the silk restructuring complex to hair, which strengthens and protects.

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