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Five Reasons To Own A Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror

If you’ve ever struggled putting on makeup then you need to invest in a lighted magnifying makeup mirror. In fact any woman who applies makeup will quickly notice the difference and never get dressed without it again.

Can You Use Luminess Air Makeup and Look Beautiful?

Some of us wear just a minimal amount to hide those skin imperfections, while others of us use more depending on our style. Unfortunately, makeup can clog your pores and make your skin look worse. However, with Luminess Air Makeup, all the downsides are gone. It makes us look at makeup in a new, healthier, and easier to use way. Does this airbrush-based makeup system really work?

Do Flat Irons Dry Out Your Hair?

We all love the look of straight hair but some people find that flat irons make their hair dry and unhealthy. If you are having this problem, there are a few tricks that can help.

Get Your Flat Irons Ready For The Sleepover

Once or twice a year, I let my pre-teen daughter have a sleepover with as many girlfriends as she wants to invite. The ordeal is a huge one, involving all kinds of food, entertainment and driving around. I acquiesce because it’s evidently important to her to host an “event” and show her friends a good time.

Personal Color Analysis – Sex and The City Inspired Makeup

The following makeup application will give you a light, neutral, bronzy glow. Charlotte, of Sex & The City wears this look. To find your best cosmetic colors to wear for this look you would do well to have a personal color analysis done.

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