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How To Choose The Right Eyelash Conditioner

Anyone who desires to make their eyelashes look longer, fuller, and just plain sexier, knows that there are hundreds of products out there claiming to do just that. How do you know which eyelash conditioner is right for you?

The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Implants

Eyelash implants were originally developed for people that were unable to grow eyelashes naturally due to birth defects, medical conditions, and even burn victims. But thanks to celebrities, just about anyone (if they can afford it) is able to get eyelash implants.

DIY Tea Astringent Anyone?

Tea, as we all know is a powerful anti-oxidant and when used on our skin, it’s does its magic by refreshing the skin, softening its texture, and helping you relax. In fact, cosmetic companies have embraced teas as an ingredient in many moisturizers and cleansers! Why, tea can be found in soaps, skin fresheners, make-up and more! With its potent antioxidants called catechins, using tea in your astringent helps fight damage caused by free radicals.

Details on Glue On Nails

Are you tired of spending too much money at the nail salon? If so, glue on nails can work for you!

A Guide to the Various Types of Hair Extensions

The condition of a woman’s hair is of the utmost importance and when it comes to styling your hair, you need the perfect length to get the perfect look. Therefore, it can be very difficult to make radical changes in your hairstyle, especially if you want to go from a short hairstyle to a long one. There are two ways to quickly overcome this problem, you can either use a longhaired wig or use pieces of hair extensions. Wigs maybe fine for a one night out but if you are looking for a better and more long-term solution, then you need to get some hair extensions.

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