MENSTRUAL CUP NOT GOING IN? Here are 5 reasons why and how to fix it | How to insert a menstrual cup

Great Ways to Benefit From Using Organic Hair Products

There are products that are designed for both men and women. Each line is made up of products that will help enable anyone to have the shiny, glossy hair that they deserve.

What’s in Your Skincare and Makeup Products?

The switch to healthy beauty products is increasing. Consumers are more aware of what they are applying daily to their skin and with good reason.

Is Beauty Pain?

So why do women wear 3+ inch heels and why do women wear tight fitting jeans? We can ask women a million questions about why they do things. The answer to all those questions would be that they want to look beautiful.

Make-Up Working For You As You Age

As we age we want make-up to work for us, not against us. Here are tips that will you ‘make-up’ age appropriately.

Tips On How To Grow Longer Eyelashes

What you need to do to grow longer eyelashes is actually pretty easy, once you know what your options are. Let’s start with some of the natural options you have to grow longer eyelashes. First you need to eat a healthy diet and make sure that you get all the vitamins, minerals, and nourishment your body needs each and every day.

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