Pamper your skin with these MILK induced recipes for a salon like GLOW

Go Easy With Perfume

For some people, being clean and looking good are not enough because their overall looks will not be complete without smelling good. So a lot of people are wearing different kinds of perfume with different scents that will suit and reflect their personality. Most people feel more beautiful and attractive if other people compliment the way they smell and this is one of the reasons why lots of people tend to buy many different kinds of perfume with a scent that they like.

Personally Perfume

How long have you been wearing the same scent? Scents can change dramatically as you age and they can also change with you health status. Additionally, when you brain smells a scent frequently, it no longer perceives it as important and does not pay attention to it. Maybe it’s time for a change of scent?

Create Beautiful Nails With Gel Nail Kits

Gel nail kits have become very popular for creating artistic nails easily and instantly. These kits are handy for applying simple coats of gel and providing a surface for beautiful art work. Gel and nail art designs dress up nails for all occasions. Art patterns added to fingers are a real style statement. Nail art designs can be simple or elaborate depending on your taste.

The Truth About Feather Extensions

Before you hop on the latest fashion trend of brightly colored hair feathers you should know the truth about hair feathers. Rather than harmless cruelty free hair feathers many are obtained using cruel methods. Before you go to the nearest salon, find what you need to know to choose cruelty free hair feathers for fashion without cruelty.

NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care System

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation for micro-resurfacing which removes the external layer of dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. When your skin’s surface is exfoliated, your skin begins to produce collagen at a faster rate. The uneven skin tones begin to even out. Wrinkles and fine lines acne scars all appear to lessen.

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