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Focus on the Ingredients When Doing a Skincare Comparison

In order to do a skincare comparison, you need to compare ingredients. It may be boring to read lots of labels. The information here should speed up the process. Safety comes first. You can reject any products immediately that bear warning labels advising you not to apply the compound to broken skin. The warning is there because the product causes irritation, usually burning.

Skin Lightening Compounds Can Also Repair Free Radical Damage

Skin lightening attempts have been in common in some societies for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. It is controversial due to the idea of ranking people in society according to the color of their complexions. Here are the pros and cons of the practice.

Does Wen Hair Care Work?

The world is full of different hair care products and it can be costly and time consuming to make the wrong purchases. Different products work for different hair types and Wen was put to the test on long, damaged and wavy hair.

How Safe Is The Proposed Safe Cosmetics Act?

Some of the chemicals used in everyday cosmetics today are scientifically linked to cancer, birth defects, skin allergies or other illnesses. The proposed Safe Cosmetics Act aims to review the legal environment that essentially allows, or approves use of these chemicals in cosmetics manufactured today. The outcome of the proposed amendments and the impact upon the FDA may not provide a very practical solution.

Become a Green Goddess With Gorgeous Organic Hair Care

By using organic hair care products you can combine your search for gorgeous hair with green ideology. You can be environmentally friendly whilst still enjoying beautiful organic hair products.

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