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Guide to Choosing the Best Alternative Hair Colours For You

Although there are no rules, I’d like to share with you some guidelines that I use when recommending funky, vibrant, alternative colours to my clients. Don’t think of this as ‘set-in-stone’ law, but more as a guide.

Choosing Your Perfect Waxing Kit

It is not secret that women hate the hair on their legs. It is unwanted and unpleasant and usually making sure that it is all removed can be quiet a pain.

Bridal Pampering

Every Bride wants to look her best on her special day, so that’s why Elemis skincare and body treats are perfect to complement your skin care routine to give you a glowing complexion on the day. Elemis brings a range of products suitable for everyday use and for those special occasions like weddings.

Selecting the Right CHI Iron For Your Hair

If you’re thinking of using a CHI straightener to treat your hair, you should choose the right model to suit you. There are several factors to consider when selecting which among the models of CHI hair straighteners will work best for you. Read on for a discussion of the various considerations you need to make when choosing the right CHI iron.

Comparing the CHI Straightener With Other Hair Irons

The CHI straightener is among the mostly used hair straightening irons. Aside from this kind, there are other options that you could pick from. You might want to consider knowing each kind and comparing it with your existing pair. Or, if you are still going to buy one, go check out the others kinds first.

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