Quick and Easy Whitehead Extraction by Dermatologist Dr. Timothy Jochen | CONTOUR DERMATOLOGY

White Diamonds Perfume – The Best Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first of the many celebrities to release a fragrance. With each perfume she releases, she creates a unique, one of a kind scent that every woman – or man – loves.

How to Apply Eye Shadow (Single)

A single dose of eye shadow can be the perfect pick-me-up for a quick and simple day look. So how to? Easy.

How to Apply Blush

When first getting acquainted with cosmetics (umpteen years ago) one of the products I struggled with after I got everything else down pat was blush. For some reason I would apply it too high or too low, too much or unevenly, ended too soon or too late, so for the ladies looking to perfect the way they apply blush, this tutorial is for you.

How to Apply Eyeliner (Pencil)

Pencil eyeliner gives the eyes a softer definition than gel or liquid, is easier to smudge with control, and for newbies is much easier to apply than the other two options. When it comes to the modern pencil eyeliner, we have two choices: automatic or traditional, both of which have their ups and downs.

Real Hair Wigs – Lavish Your Cranium With Celebrity Looks and Style – Learn All About Remy Wigs

Stop depressing over bad hair days, and get ready to be blown away by the lavish looks and style of the front lace Remy wigs available. These are not only limited to Hollywood celebrities with the big bucks!

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