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3 Features To Look For With An Ionic Hair Straightener

Straight silky hair looks great and most of us like to have our hair that way sometimes. The trouble is it means having to use flat irons or straighteners and they can damage your hair. An ionic hair straightener is a great way to protect your hair because it helps to keep your hair healthy and also prevents further damage.

Beauty Accessories For Hen Nights

A hen party is so important because it is supposed to be a unique moment in a woman’s life. That is why these parties tend to have something which differentiates them form any other. The theme, the place, the costumes or the activities of a hen night are meant to be something special and to surprise the future bride.

What Makes Titanium Flat Irons So Good?

Hair straighteners of today are mostly made of ceramic plates which give the flat irons its capability of producing fine, shiny, and smooth results. But in general, straighteners are either made of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline plates. The plates make a great influence upon the results of styling and straightening your hair.

The Truth About Ionic Flat Irons

Ionic flat iron is a patented hair straightening iron that utilizes natural ion complex in the heat plate to deliver natural negative ions to the hair. Negative ions break water molecule clusters into micro fine particles, allowing moisture to penetrate the hair shaft to hydrate and replenish the hair. It restores moisture and improves tensile strength, leaving curly and unruly hair restored, retexturized and rejuvenated.

Traditional Makeup or Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup has been making a huge impression on the cosmetics industry in the past few years. Large companies are springing up and making a difference in the products that we are putting on our face. So how do you choose whether to use a mineral based make up or a traditional makeup?

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