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Cleopatra, Perfumes, Fragrances And Today’s Modern Women All Smelling Beautiful

Perfume is as much a fashion accessory as a handbag or belt. Historically, the use of fragrances was limited to a select group of people who could afford the luxury. Today, women have as many fragrances of perfumes as they do designer bags.

The Perfect Perfume: For You Made By You

Have you ever bought perfume in a store? If so, did you like the scent? How much did it cost? Believe it or not, the ingredients of the perfume you bought actually costs about 10% of the product’s retail price. All the other cost went into the perfume’s packaging, sales profit, advertising as well as tax.

GIVENCHY Perfumes: Top Five Fragrances

Givenchy, which is pronounced gee-von-shee, is a line of perfumes, cosmetics, clothing and accessories. Hubert de Givenchy formed the Givenchy organization in 1952, and ran the empire for over 4 decades before retiring in 1995.

Fragrance Tips and Tricks

When you are considering purchasing a perfume or cologne that you’ve never purchased before there are some things that you should know so that you can make a wise decision. Here are some tips and tricks that every fragrance wearer should know.

Flat Irons – Top Rated Favorites

Did you ever wonder how she does it? The girl with the fabulous hairstyle? We bet she used one of our all time favorite, must-have hair accessories, a straightening iron. But with so many on the market, which one is right for you?

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