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How To Whip Up Luxurious Bath and Body Products For 25% The Retail Price

Making your own bath and body products sounds hard and intimidating unless you’re a real “do it yourselfer.” But my easy method makes it possible for anyone to whip up their own spa-quality body lotion, shower gel, scrub, and more – and only pay 25% the cost of Bath and Body Works products!

Where You Can Find Home Made Perfume

Donna loved to make money. After graduating from high school, the woman decided to open a store that sold bracelets and necklaces. Business for the first few months was great but when other vendors did the same, the sales was slipping.

Make Your Statement With Personalized Fragrances

You’re a woman with her own sense of fashion and style, so why not include your own personalized perfume as part of that fashion statement. Discover how to add affordable personalized fragrances to your wardrobe.

Getting the Right Fragrance for Summer

In the summer, skin chemistry and lifestyle changes can make it a good idea to re-think your perfume. Lighter products like colognes often work better in the summer than winter. If you use cologne, use a similarly scented body lotion, too, to get some oomph from the fragrance. Lighter fragrances including florals, the newer fruity-florals and even some gender-spanning scents are particularly wonderful for hot weather months.

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