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Get the Celebrity Look

Do you ever wonder how your favourite celebrity idols get their amazing long eyelashes? Well I hate to break it to you, but it’s not all natural, in fact most celebs never leave the house without their false lashes!

The New Makeup Bag Essentials – Pack It With All Natural Healthy Cosmetics

The next time you clean out that makeup bag; why not refill it with all natural cosmetics instead of the usual name brand products? There are plenty of cosmetic lines that offer alternatives to the chemical laden, animal tested cosmetics and skin care we normally buy. Filling your bag with all natural or organic products ensures healthier and happier skin and helps keep the environment clean.

Short Natural Hair Styles – The Time to Go Natural Is Now!

Black hair products for natural hair are on the rise, and there is an abundance of amazing new products to benefit our hair. The time to go natural may indeed by now! Just take a look at your television screen.

Why Am I Losing My Hair? Hair Loss in Women

The effects of hair loss in women is devastating and often extremely stressful. Most think that hair loss is only a man’s problem and therefore are confused and frustrated when it happens to them. In reality female hair loss is more wide spread than most people realize. The good news is is that in a large percentage of women, hair loss is preventable, treatable and reversible.

How to Get Rid of Static in Your Hair

During the cold season comes the inevitable static electricity that collects in the hair and tends to build up when we brush the hair, remove a sweater, hat, scarf, etc. Sound familiar? Let’s look at some tips and tricks to lessen static cling and stop flyaway hair!

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